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Make informed decisions for monitoring kidney transplanted patients

Predicting kidney allograft survival

Predigraft is the most advanced platform ​based on data science for ​post-transplantation monitoring. Our platform allows a narrow follow-up by providing clinicians with a powerful segmentation tool to personalize treatment strategies

3 years
5 years
7 years
10 years

Trigger decisions with individualized allograft loss probabilities

Predigraft uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to help clinicians assess with high accuracy the long term graft loss probabilities for each patient (based on standard clinical and biological information).

Capture the response to treatment

By comparing reports established before and after treatment changes, Predigraft helps clinicians to understand the effect of their actions on long term graft evolution.

Anticipate the evolution of kidney function

Forecast the evolution of patient’s kidney function, with individualized probabilities, according to defined scenarios established through machine-learning-based segmentation.

Assess the transplant glomerulopathy archetype

Archetypes are the product of a probabilistic data-driven (AI based) unsupervised approach. It helps to refine the diagnostic and prognostic features associated with transplant glomerulopathy (TG) and to improve risk stratification in renal transplantation.

Isolated cg Archetype
Mixed-rejection Archetype
Chronic inactive ABMR Archetype
Late-terminal cg Archetype
Chronic active ABMR Archetype

Designed for clinical management

Put your existing data at work

No need for additional bio tests.
Aimed to fit all sets of clinical data available.

Collaborate at organisation level

Share patients’ result among your organization for effective team decisions and medical management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Predigraft in my medical center?

Predigraft is being rolled out for research purposes to medical centers progressively. Contact us to know if it is already available in your country.
If your center is located in the United States, please contact our partner CareDx.

Can Predigraft be used for pharmaceutical research?

Yes, Predigraft can help your research team better design clinical trials.

Do I need to prescribe a new bio test for my patients?

No. To generate a Predigraft report, you only need to enter the basic clinical and biological information you already have.

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