The iBox technology: Leading the way to prevent and treat organ failure with AI.

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The first universal predictive algorithm for transplantation

Unmatched success in renal transplantation prognosis
The iBox allows physicians to predict allograft survival in real life using their standard of care patient data. The analysis from the iBox has an unequaled strong prediction capacity with a concordance statistic (C-Stat) of 0.81.
Reliable predictions based on 3500+ kidney transplant recipients
The iBox draws from several independent validation cohorts worldwide. With data from 3500+ kidney transplant recipients from Europe and the US followed for up to 12 years, the iBox offers highly reliable predictions across healthcare systems, clinical settings, or therapeutic intervention.
Improved clinical trial design
As an early surrogate endpoint for clinical trials, the iBox reduces the time of follow-up in studies by up to 7 years and can improve the design of the next generation of clinical trials. The performance of the iBox has been validated in 3 randomized clinical trials.
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What people are saying

An innovative app bringing together the most important key players in transplantation: a daily companion for patient centred care, tool to predict outcome after kidney transplantation and paving the way for personalised medicine

Dr. Annemarie Weißenbacher

Predigraft has the potential to be a valuable platform for integrated care of our kidney transplant patients, with iBox risk modelling embedded to guide clinical decision-making that we hope can ultimately improve long-term outcomes

Dr. Adnan Sharif
United Kingdom

Predigraft is an innovating application, which has the potential to be a key companion for a personalised care of kidney transplant recipients, by providing an integrated platform embedded with the iBox risk modelling of graft loss.

Dr. Valentin Goutaudier

A very promising tool to improve long term outcomes after transplantation - one step further towards personalized care.

Dr. Caroline Dudreuilh
United Kingdom

iBox is a wonderful tool and means great progress in the field of transplantation, as it will hopefully help in tailoring patient care and in developing new treatments for our patients.

Dr. Ilkka Helanterä

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