Building a world where technology prevents organ failure

Alexandre Loupy,
Nephrologist and transplant physician
We believe the next giant Healthcare companies will develop algorithms used in care just as pharma companies develop molecules used as treatments.

Our Story

Cibiltech is founded on technical excellence and a deep commitment to patients.

The Paris Transplant Group developed the first universal predictive algorithm for transplantation in 2018 after 20 years of research. Our iBox technology is based on the Paris Transplant Group’s renowned scientific excellence and decades of experience caring for our own transplant patients.

We wanted to help patients worldwide by making our innovative technology available to everyone. With that goal, Alexandre Loupy, Xavier Jouven, and Stephane Tholander founded Cibiltech in 2019.

Together with a team of world-class scientists and business experts, we’re creating a world where science and technology work together in the service of human health.

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer Sanofi, Expert to WHO on Digital Health and AI
Dr. Julien Durand
Chairman of the board
Head of Financial Institutions Group France, Belgium & Luxembourg, BlackRock
Adrien De La Grange
Board Member
Professor of nephrology and epidemiology, Head of Paris Transplant Group, Inserm, Nephrologist at Necker Hospital-APHP
Pr. Alexandre Loupy
Board member
Professor of cardiology and epidemiology, Head of research team at Paris Transplant Group, Inserm, Head of Cardiology & Transplantation at HEGP-APHP
Pr. Xavier Jouven
Board member
Biostatistician and epidemiologist, Paris Transplant Group, Inserm, Nephrologist at Necker Hospital-APHP
Dr. Olivier Aubert
Scientific Board
Pr. Carmen Lefaucheur
Scientific Board
Our CEO, has over 15 years experience in the field of digital innovation and successfully managed 3 startups prior to Cibiltech’s creation. He worked under the EU R&D Framework Program and took on the position of coordinator of the digital health commission at France Biotech.
Stéphane Tholander
Hélène Viatgé, COO, is a healthcare entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in operational and managing roles, working both in large corporates such as GE Healthcare and in smaller startups developing medical devices in the UK and France.
Hélène Viatgé
Entrepreneur with a software engineering background, Mikaly has been designing and developing various web platforms and digital products for over 12 years, primarily for the marketing, R&D and healthcare industries.
Mikaly Rodriguez-Ruiz
Head of Innovation
David GAUTIER, head of partnership, has over 20 years experience in the fields of medtech and innovation. After a PhD in immunology (Pasteur inst.) he managed IT teams for many French public health actors, and then decrypt the european healthtech and AI fields as market analyst.
David Gautier
Head of Partnerships
Head of Engineering, has over 12 years experience in web development. He worked in multiple activity area, such as Education, E-commerce, Marketing, Luxury…
Yaniv Afriat
Chief Technical Officer
Abdelmalek Benamirouche
Back-End Developer
Romane Thu
Web Developer
Samuel Lorrain
Web Developer
Dina Zielinski
Valentin Hubert
DevOps Engineer
Hugo Monat
UX / UI Designer
Victoria Hemzacek
Market Access Assistant
Elisa Negra
Product Owner
Karine Deville
Market Access Manager
Constance Jamard
Partner Succes Manager
Rozenn Cabioch
Clinical Project Assistant
Yoanne Rocheron
Office Manager
Manon Thiberge
Quality Assistant
Manon Marault
Head of Quality Management
Laure has over 20 years’ experience in clinical research acquired with medical device manufacturers of various sizes, as well as Clinical Research Organizations. She has managed and implemented worldwide the clinical strategy of early to late-stage trials in different therapeutics areas.
Laure Székely
Camille Bonnet
Scientific Business Developer
Yéléna Blacodon
Telemedicine nurse
Charline Mazou
Telemedicine nurse
Alexis Hayat
Web Developer
Charles Brioix
Marketing Manager
Anne-Sophie Bellenger-Jourdon
Human Resources Manager
François Brunhes
Mathias Drouet-Tatin
Telemedicine Nurse

Our timeline

February 2022
First patient enrolled in clinical trial
First patient enrolled in its international clinical trial for monitoring kidney transplant patients using artificial intelligence
July 2021
New Milestone
1000 patients using our app
May 2021
Class IIa CE marking for Predigraft
Predigraft received CE-marking as a class IIa under the MDR for kidney transplanted patients
April 2021
Health Tech Award
Finalist to the Nobel project's Health Tech Award
January 2021
Predigraft platform launch
Predigraft platform is launched in France for kidney transplanted patients
June 2020
Eit Health & Bridgehead Laureate
Cibiltech was announced among the 2020 winners of EIT Health's Bridgehead Global program.
December 2019
Paris Innovation Grand Prix
The 2019 year ended with the prestigious Paris Innovation Grand Prix, being awarded to Cibiltech in e-health category.
March 2019
Collaboration with CareDx
In March 2019, Cibiltech collaboration with CareDx provides prognostic information on allograft survival on the American market.
February 2019
Creation of Cibiltech
On February 2019, Cibiltech was founded to take a leap into the future of transplantation​.

Centered on the wellbeing of patients

We are dedicated to helping others when they are in difficulty and making everyone feel useful and valued.
Our goal is to prevent organ failure to preserve life and ensure the resilience of the healthcare system.
We have the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to different innovation challenges in constantly changing environments.
We are determined to complete our projects, even if obstacles and barriers may occur.