Predictive Medicine
for Transplantation​

Data science empowered solutions for transplantation care

We believe that AI can help us build personalized medicine for better patient care. The proprietary technology available to Cibiltech through its strategic partnerships with world-class research institutions enables us to go beyond clinical analysis and fosters a world in which medicine is data-driven, predictive and personalized.


Join our team to help patients access personalized treatment based on individualized prognosis of transplant outcomes.

FOR Clinicians

Understanding individual risk of patient can help clinicians to be more confident in their decisions and foster efficient clinical time management.

FOR Pharma ResearchERS

Cibiltech’s predictive solutions help research teams better design their studies and accelerate clinical trials.

FOR healthcare systems

Better clinical management of transplanted patients can significantly reduce health system expenditures, avoiding costly treatments such as dialysis or re-transplantation.


FOR PatientS

Cibiltech’s predictive solutions offer in-depth insight into patients’ individual risks and allow for better treatment, aiming for longer allograft survival and improved patient well-being.

Our product

Predigraft Software

Predigraft software offers a personalized prognosis for kidney transplanted patients. It helps clinicians to accurately assess the probabilities of long-term graft loss for each patient based on standard clinical and biological information.


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