Predictive Medicine for Transplantation

Innovative solutions for better care and faster drug development

The core technology of Predigraft, the iBox algorithm, provides a prediction of kidney allograft survival, enabling clinicians to anticipate patient health outcomes, improving medical decisions through personalized treatments. The iBox technology is also a key tool for clinical research with the potential to reduce the duration of clinical trials.

A unique app for patients and clinicians driving personalized treatment

Predigraft is an online app connecting patients with medical teams at transplant centers. Our telesurveillance platform allows risk stratification and remote monitoring of patients in a seamless medical workflow, saving time for medical staff and giving patients peace of mind.


For Patients

Cibiltech’s predictive solutions offer in-depth insight into patients’ individual risks and allow for personalized treatment, aiming for longer allograft survival and improved patient well-being.

For Clinicians

Understanding individual allograft survival probabilities for each patient can help clinicians to be more confident in their decisions and foster efficient clinical time management.

For Researchers

Cibiltech’s predictive solutions provide a unique tool to better evaluate research outcomes therefore accelerating clinical trials and the development of promising drugs.

For Society

By improving the management of kidney transplant recipients and, potentially, increase allograft longevity, Cibiltech addresses organ shortage and, hopefully, will avoid patients to return to dialysis which is associated to reduced participation to everyday life and increased costs.  

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